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February 13, 2012
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Prussia x Canada - Dinner

He was there, in the midst of the hub-bub, listening to the laughter and drunken slurring, and yet he wasn't there. Not to anyone else at least. Not to his brothers, not to his so-called "friends", not even to the pristine polar bear seated on his lap. He was nowhere – not worth the time, nor worth the contemplation.


All the other countries had personality, spunk, mass media attention. He was nought but a big mass of land populated by people that ate nought by maple syrup, carried their hockey sticks everywhere, and ended all their sentences with "ey".

Canada sighed, slumping in the barstool, swirling his fingers around the table top, composing an invisible pattern.

Invisible like him.

He looked up from the composition, up at the people around him.

His older brother, America, was being noisy, as usual, standing on the table with his tie round his head, a drink in one hand and his shirt being swung round in the other. His other older brother, England, was clapping and cheering for this display in a drunken daze, hiccupping every now and again. It seemed that the Englishman was losing more and more clothing each time Canada turned to look at him.

On his other side were China, Russia and France, all trying to hold a drunken Ally meeting, without much success. France kept trying to braid China's black locks, and Russia was just…intimidating…Then again, when wasn't he? At the door, Germany could be seen trying to lead a drunken Italy away. Spain was doing the same, but Romano wasn't going to "come quietly", as they say. Japan was "facepalming" in the corner of the room with Greece sleeping beside him, Hungary was trying to down a mug of beer in one, being urged on by cries of "Chug, chug, chug!", Poland was being incomprehensible, and Lithuania was struggling to put up with this. The other countries were just a blur in the intoxicated madness.

Everything was so noisy.

Too noisy.

Canada exhaled heavily as he got up, supporting his bear in one arm and lifting himself up with the other. He stumbled a little, being slightly drunk himself, but he made it to the door before the German could disappear with the dawdling Italian.

"Um, e-excuse me, Mr Germany," he squeaked, blushing as the German stared down at him in surprise, "T-Thank you for being so hospitable, but I really should be on my way now…"
Germany continued to stare a little while longer. Canada knew what he was thinking:

Who is this? Another country? Must be a small one, or a new one, since I've never seen him before.

The beefy man coughed, clearing his throat to reply in a formal manner, as always, "Ah, yes, uh…i-it was no problem. Although," he looked outside, concern showing on his face, "It's a bit late to head back to…" he paused as he tried once again to figure out what country this timid man was, but gave up, "…your country. Did you reserve a night at a hotel?"

"N-No, Mr. Germany, I didn't think I would be staying so long, so…" Canada was beginning to panic. He never thought about these things. Why wasn't he more organised? I'm such a scatter-brain!

"Ah…" they didn't speak for a few more moments, unwillingly indulging themselves in the awkwardness of the atmosphere. Italy didn't help as he kept trying to unbutton the German's shirt, with Germany constantly swatting away his hands, whispering "Warten, bis wir nach Hause kommen" to the brunette. The Italian replied with a frustrated "Ve~", allowing the German to go back to thinking.

"Well, I suppose I could let you stay at my house," said Germany, finally, "I've got all the essentials there, and I'll be spending the night at Italy's anyway," the Italian's face brightened up considerably upon hearing this statement, and he clumsily nodded his head, "The only thing you'd have to deal with is my brother. He can be annoying, but just ignore him."

Canada nodded, bowing numerous times so as to show his thanks as Germany waved him off and proceeded with the blabbering Italian out of the door.

Phew, I have a place to stay after all. Germany warned me that his brother might be hard to deal with, but I'm sure I'll be fine.

With that, Canada left the German pub.

He left his silly American brother and the now fully-nude Briton. He left the braided China and the considerably scary Russia, along with his girly father figure. He left the still struggling Spaniard and Italian, and he left the worn-out Japanese man with the evidently worn-out Greek. He left the considerably manly Hungarian woman and the poor Lithuanian dealing with the insufferable Polish man.

He left it all, not that any of them would notice.


Canada knocked hesitantly upon the front door. Yes, Germany had given him a key to get in, but if his brother was in it would only be polite to knock so as to alert the brother to his presence.

If that was even possible.

Oh, what was the point? The brother would probably forget his presence in a matter of seconds, so why alert him? Canada breathed in a deeply, hoping to inhale courage as well, and turned the key in the lock.

All was dark inside the household. The floorboards creaked loudly underneath Canada's feet, and the atmosphere was scarily silent considering someone else was supposed to be at home.
M-Maybe he just went out, Canada thought as he closed the door and tiptoed further into the house. Even though there was presumably nothing to disturb, he still felt like he had to match the silence.

Not that he wouldn't have done that anyway.

Suddenly, he froze. All was dark, but some light was filtering from a room at the end of the corridor.

Canada was honestly scared – he was feeling out of his comfort zone in this strange house, but he had to be brave, like he was on the battlefield, so he swallowed his fear and proceeded towards the light.

Canada peered round the doorway of the light source, his curl shuddering with his wavering courage, and peeked into the room with his bright, amethyst eyes.

He squeaked at what he saw, and hid behind the doorway once more. He stood there for a while, shaking, feeling like such an intruder. He didn't like snooping around an unknown house, and he didn't like how the house moaned and groan.

He took a deep breath to hold in his fear and prevent it from bursting forth, and then looked around the doorway again.

There, slumped on a couch, with nought but a desk lamp to light his silhouette, was the brother of Germany: Prussia.

Canada hesitantly proceeded further into the room, remembering that it was rude to lurk in doorways. Upon closer inspection, it appeared that the Prussian man was fast asleep – his eyes were closed, hiding the red glow that Canada found so haunting, and his breathing was slow, like the gradual progression of a predator stalking its prey.
Canada loomed over him, wondering what to do. Wake him? Leave him to sleep? Put a blanket over him?

Perhaps putting a blanket over him would be the best option, even though it would be strange for the guest to tend to the host. But it would be good to treat him kindly, seeing as he was allowed to stay in the house. But still, Prussia didn't even know that Canada was staying over, so maybe if he left him, and then let him sleep on the couch all night, and then woke up before him and stole away in the early hours of the morning, unnoticed, then maybe…

I feel so lonely,

Canada stopped internally panicking, fully taking into account the open diary on the sleeping man's chest. What was that? Those words, which he had uttered so much in his life, were being uttered by someone else? His eyes glided over the words scrawled on the diary over and over.

I feel so lonely,

I feel so lonely,

I feel so lonely,

Canada continued to stare, his eyes boring into those letters on the page, as if they were lying, and they'd soon fade away. But they didn't. So then this man felt the same as him?
Canada then noticed that that string of words had a comma at the end, and he then realised that Prussia's hand was concealing the rest of the sentence. It was rude of him – Canada knew this – but he was intrigued by this scenario, so he just had to shift his pale hand a little more to the right of the page. This man, Prussia, had always seemed to stand out from the crowd, or so it seemed from Canada's observations, and yet he always had a crowd surrounding him – laughing with him, smiling with him, joking with him, talking to him, acknowledging him. Canada simply couldn't believe that this popular man could feel lonely.

Sure enough, as Canada shifted the large hand, more words appeared.

I feel so lonely, but the awesome me shouldn't feel lonely,

Canada drew in a tense breath as more and more words began to signal the conclusion of the sentence.

I feel so lonely, but the awesome me shouldn't feel lonely, because I have…

Suddenly, the hand Canada was shifting came to life, and grabbed his shoulder. He cried out in surprise as he was pushed back, and those haunting red eyes opened, revealing narrow pupils, like black holes in space, pulling him in.

The man then jumped up from his previously lazed position – like a panther having violently been disturbed from its nap – and leapt upon the startled Canadian with sharp teeth bared and muscles tensed, ready to fight.

Canada, even though he understood the situation perfectly, couldn't understand what was going on. The cogs in his mind were so rattled that he forgot to do the usual human function of yelping as he was thrown to the floor, hitting it heavily, his head knocking against the stone tiling.

He winced in pain, groaning and trying to raise his hand to cradle his head, but his hand was trapped beneath a larger, paler one. He half opened his teary eyes, gazing up at the panther before him. Of course he wasn't really a panther, but he could certainly be mistaken for one with those quick, flexible reactions and that stare which seemed hungry for blood, and those teeth which seemed ready to spill that blood.

He was trapped underneath the panther for a moment more, listening to the breath which had gone from lazy and slow to alive and hurried. Canada could have sworn that a low growl escaped those rough lips of the Prussian, and he whimpered, for once wishing that he was invisible.

However, after another moment, the ravenous glare in Prussia's eyes began to fade away, with shock taking over. His hands loosened their grip, and his mouth gaped open, before shutting again, his fangs no longer on display. He opened his mouth again after that, as if to say something.

But he shouted something instead.


The panther, now a startled tom-cat, leapt backwards, falling onto the couch from whence he came.


Canada, still rather flabbergasted, sat up just as the man half shot up from the couch – in sync with one another's movements. They continued to stare at each other – astonishment evident in both their wide eyes – and their fast-paced breathing match. The tempo of their hearts matched too, as did the time in which they decided to speak.

"Mein Gott, I am so-"

"I was just…I didn't mean to-"

They both stopped as the other began to talk, and then they both tried to open their mouths to attempt to get their excuse across when the other spoke again. Finally, Prussia grunted in frustration and clamped his hand over Canada's lips, silencing him. "Dude, I am so sorry! I didn't mean to jump you or anything; I just thought you were an intruder. I've got the quick reflexes of a man in the army, y'know. And I'm a light sleeper. So…" he removed his hand from Canada's mouth, moving it to scratch at his head in an apologetic gesture, as if scratching at his brain to urge it to come up with a valid excuse, "Agh, I'm just so sorry for doing that."

Canada's eyes grew wider yet, and he shook his head, causing his wispy blonde hair to dance around his face, "No, please forgive me! I-I just saw your diary open on your chest, and I saw some words that…m-meant something to me…so…so I wanted to continue reading, but your hand was in the way, so I tried to move it, and…" Canada sniffed, "I'm just so sorry! That was terribly rude and intrusive of me, and I won't attempt such a thing again!"

There, he had apologised. Now what? Wasn't it going to be awkward being in the same house after sharing such a greeting? Perhaps he could leave and sleep on the streets that night? Perhaps a kindly homeless person would share their newspaper bed with him? That would be nice. Then again, that would be rude to the homeless person. They already had so little and he was going to ask them to share? No way, that wasn't happening after all. But what to do?

Prussia smiled in a way that was meant to be welcoming but turned out intimidating, and his eyes twitched as if he were trying to control himself, "Damn, Canada, you're cute."

Canada blushed, Wait a minute, he knows my name? But someone like him…and what is this? He thinks…he thinks I'm cute, of all things? What is going on? What is this weird scenario?

"T-thank you, Mr Prussia." Canada squeaked, twiddling with his fingers in embarrassment. Okay, if Prussia called him cute then that meant that he liked him, right? You only compliment people you take a liking to, right? So perhaps that evening wouldn't be so awkward. And of course Canada could just lock himself away in the guest room and stay out of Prussia's hair. Indeed, sleeping in the streets was a bit of a crazy idea to be honest.

"Anytime!" Prussia replied, waving off the smaller man's thanks, "And no need for the formalities, man. Call me Prussia." he threw his head back and laughed, "Heck! Even that could be too formal. How about calling me Gilbert? My bros call me Gil."

Canada nodded, "Well, Gilbert then." Oh, why not just call him by his human name then? He didn't have many friends, and so, not many opportunities to act so friendly, so why not grab this chance before Gilbert forgot him?

"Cool beans!" exclaimed the Prussian man (Beans? What beans? Cool as in cold? You should microwave them-), "Hey, how about I call you Birdie?"

"B-Birdie?" Canada gulped, afraid of questioning this unpredictable man, "Why Birdie?"

Prussia smiled again, but this time it seemed more charming than intimidating, oddly enough, "Because you're as cute as a bird."

Canada blushed more, but why? This man wasn't being genuine or anything, he was merely teasing him. In a friendly manner of course. "Oh, right, like the bird on your head?"

Prussia's crimson orbs grew wide and he patted at his platinum-blonde head of hair, scowling (and was that a blush growing on his face?) as he felt the bird perched on his scalp, "Gilbird, I told you not to hide up there when I'm talking to peeps. I look ridiculous!" The chick merely peeped in response, and Prussia couldn't help but laugh, whether it was due to how pathetically soft the bird made him, or due to the ticklish sensation from the fuzzy feathers.

Canada giggled, earning a dazzling smile from Prussia. Wow, his smiles get less and less scarier each time. "Sorry about that, Birdie." He chuckled, placing the chick on the couch's armrest, "Yeah, cute like Gilbird here."

"I see." replied Canada, looking down at his hands splayed out over his lap.

There was silence again; an awkward silence. Prussia towered over him, and he sat beneath his shadow, desperately scrabbling around in his mind for something – anything – to say that would break the silence. Truth be told, he wasn't too great at having conversations. After all, he hadn't had many of them in his life, what with no one talking to him.

"So…why are ya here?" Prussia finally asked.

Canada twiddled his fingers some more, embarrassed about being the centre of attention – he wasn't used to such a thing, "Well, I went to that meeting, and then we went to the pub for a while, but it was too late to make arrangements to head home, and I was too drunk, and I'd forgotten to make a hotel reservation, so…"

"So you came here." Prussia finished for him, "I'm guessing West let you in."

"W-West?" Canada asked. Cool beans, Birdie, West? What is with all these strange names and terms?

Prussia grinned, "Oh, West is my bro. Not bro as in friend, but my biological bro."

"Oh, you mean Mr Germany."

"Psh, Mr Germany is his father, man." Prussia laughed at his own joke, and Canada laughed nervously with him although he didn't understand what was so funny. "Aha, so anyway," Prussia finished laughing, wiping a tear of joy from his eye, "you eaten yet?" Canada shook his head. "Well then…" Prussia rubbed at the back of his neck, almost in a nervous gesture rather than because of an itchy neck; but Canada concluded that there was no way such a man could ever be nervous, "…do you want to go out to dinner?...With me?..."

Canada startled, waving his hands in panic, "Oh, no, that's alright, I wouldn't want to burden you by forcing you out of your house. I may be staying here, but please don't feel inclined to cater to me."

Prussia gave him a reassuring thumbs up, "No worries, bro. To tell you the truth, I'm starved."

Canada stopped frantically waving his hands around, "R…Really?"

"Oh, yeah," Prussia nodded, "Absolutely. And so, dinner?" The platinum blonde nation held his hand out to the mousey blonde on the floor, with a smile beckoning the man to stand up. Canada would have sworn that he saw the Prussian's pupils dilate and a light blush rise to his cheeks, were it not that the man in question was Prussia, and he would have no reason to do such things unless he had a crush on him or something, which Canada quickly rationalized wasn't true. Why would a man like Prussia ever feel interested in him? No, this was a dinner between…well, not friends, but acquaintances…"bros", perhaps, as Prussia liked to label them?

Whatever it was, Canada smiled and took the warm hand of the Prussian nation.
Okay, I don't really like PruCan, but this is a special occasion! Today is the birthday of my friend :iconpie1313:! Happy birthday, bro! Have a good one!
The gifts I bought for her are going to be late, so I hope this fic compensates. As well as a birthday fic, it is a reward because she's a good student and does her chores well. She deserves a little something for that if you ask me~ Not only that, but she has really helped me with my writing, and I couldn't keep going without her. She is the boat I float upon~
I love you, bro! You're awesome!
Go and wish her a happy birthday if you've got the time, guys! 8D I'd appreciate it!

As for the actual fic, go easy on me because a. It's my first PruCan and b. Canada is so damn hard to keep in character! I mean, in the anime and manga he appears as a shy, weak little thing, but you know he's strong - he's the second largest country, bro! It was hard to find that balance. Prussia wasn't too hard to write for though. XD I only hope I got him right.
Critique is welcomed, comments are appreciated!
Thank you and enjoy!

Translations (Please correct me if I got anything wrong - I put my faith in Google translate after all):
Warten, bis wir nach Hause kommen = Wait until we get home
Mein Gott = My God


I do not own Hetalia. Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya.
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